Tree maintenance

Soft Landscaping

The term Soft Landscaping is generally used to describe any work in the garden which deals directly with the plants themselves or with the soil condition. This area of gardening is largely responsible for the overall feel of the garden. So called Architectural plants can be used to give the garden additional structure and dimension, as well as changing the perceived proportions or perspectives of the garden.


It is easy to see why sales of bedding plants have doubled in the past ten years. The flower-filled packs offered in spring promise instant gardening for empty pots and containers. Instant gardening perhaps, but not easy-gardening. Planting trees is a vital contribution to environmental welfare.      

Annuals must be dug out each year and new ones bedded out. There is regular deadheading to do, plus regular watering during dry spells. Some say bedding plants have no place in the easy-care garden, but that is going too far. Planting out a few containers or filling bare patches in spring can give you season-long colour.

Planting scheme

We can provide you with a planting scheme designed to suit your preferences, and to suit your garden. From basic planting schemes to more elaborate architectural, or mood setting arrangements, we will be able to

  • Design the planting scheme
  • Supply the plants
  • Conduct the planting & initial feeding

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Tree maintenance

This site is all about maintaining trees. We also discuss maintenance of other garden features.

Garden Maintenance

As every plant lover will know, the garden is a place to relax, unwind, and enjoy oneself. If the garden is kept in shape by regular attention, it can be a very enjoyable extension of your existing home.

It is this regular need for working in the garden that is to some people, the best part of having a garden; watching plants which you have nurtured grow and flourish.

However, not all people are lucky enough these days to have the time to tend to their gardens in the way needed. Then again, other people would rather not think at all about the upkeep of the garden, and let people such as ourselves take care of it.

We have had many years experience in domestic and commercial contracts for maintenance work. Whether it be a one off visit to simply get thegarden into shape, or regular visits ensuring the garden stays in shape, the choice is yours.

Trim trees

The cutting back of trees can be carried out at most times of the year & only heavy frosts or fungal diseases prevent this task from being performed.

Most shrubs should be cut back at least twice a year at the beginning of the summer and winter periods. A more extensive reduction would be needed if a garden has been neglected. Light pruning is carried out as part of one of or regular visits.

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